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*****oh my god*****

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    What a total cock-up...


    Sold some before the halt, so some profits have been locked in...but still exposed to both shares and options.


    Even a mange-ridden, flea-bitten, dumb-arsed, inbread, backward, thankless, arse-dragging, shit-licking, good for nothing dog like RRS could dig up something economic if it was there, but if it wasn't...well...the only fair thing to do would be to put it down!

    Seems nearology has left RRS high and dry!

    So...it took four days for them the build up the courage to make this announcement...and after hours too?

    Absolutely disgraceful...even for a pump and dump, it has been just so amatuerish!

    But now that we know their form, we should probably take note of this from today's announcement...

    "Exploration drilling continues at Forrestania with a number of Ni and Au targets still to be drilled. Assays from the latest series of completed drill holes are expected over the coming fortnight"

    This explains why it took 4 days to make the announcement...obviously they were hoping to find something positive to announce from another hole...but couldn't!

    This suggests the market can expect more "initially disappointing" results from these holes too!


    What's the bet they remain suspended tomorrow morning, pending the outcome of an ASIC enquiry?


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