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Hoots all I said was “ I hope nobody died for your $240 gain”...

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    Hoots all I said was “ I hope nobody died for your $240 gain” that is not protesting at all.

    Death of jockeys and racehorses are absolutely common in racing and especially high stakes races.
    On the contrary, I trained the queens horses to race in 1969/70 Newmarket England. With jack Waugh and Sir Mark Prescott..I rode them in the first race in the uk when women finally received their card to race for the first time in history...
    I have never not owned horses since the age of 6. I have 4 now...they are liberty trained, no buts, no shoes, no saddles...and all naturally started...

    Whether it be fireworks, drugs, racing, blood sports...I’m against any death for our short term gains... that’s who I am ..like it or lump it...I’m a naturopathic health detective who spends her time finding and treating the root cause of all disease... it goes with the conscious territory...
    You can’t get one without the other....
    I did not protest ...just hoped no one or no horse died in that race...

    I have researched the a2 protein in milk for 40 years and have not consumed a1 protein in milk for that time ...happy to share my findings and knowledge about a2 milk...but if you are going to take offence at the other things I say ... too bad
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