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odds from a gamblers point of view

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    we have had days and days of negatives from media, brokers and others hoping for a juicy lawsuit with which to feather their nests. Is there room for more??

    Due for some positives which i think Centro and Rufrano will deliver given time.

    I'm really hoping that shareholders that saw value in Centro and bought when this was at 8, 9 and 10 dollars will also see exceptional value at 50c.
    I would love to conduct a survey to find out how many shareholders from these levels have bought in at under 70c.
    Why, i hear you asking.
    Well the more time that goes by and the longer the sp remains at these levels and the more of these shareholders buy in at these levels the likelihood of a class action diminishes proportionately.
    Investors that haven't bought back in at these levels are the ones more likely to chase that 2c to 3c in the dollar return through a lengthy and costly class action.

    IMHO, i don't see the point of chasing such an elusive small return. I would just allow Centro and Rufrano to concentrate on the task at hand and buy in at these levels and probably see a $3 to $4 return in 6 to 12 months.
    Just looking at the odds, from a gamblers point of view of course.

    "good news could come soon" Susan Godorov 20/02/2008
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