och! those iq tests and the libs!

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    It would have to be an inverted IQ test if you were to be allowed to vote!

    I was listening to Tony Delroy last night. People were asked to call in and give their preference and why, all within 60secs. Very interesting! ALP would romp it in if that little poll was any guide, which, of course, it's not; but I was absolutely baffled by the comments made by some twits voting for JH. Like "he is steady ship..." and "steady as she goes" and "the economy is doing great," or "this is the best ever country on earth!" and irrelevant [email protected] like that. Worst of all ~I had to get up for puke after that one!~ "Mr Howard is a gentleman!"

    I plss with all my might (after a dosen or so tinnies) on "gentlemen" like that!

    "Steady as she goes!" Goes where? To oblivion? It must have been the last words aboard the Titanic before the timbers began shivering!
    "The economy is doing great!" Whose fuking economy? the country's or Packer's? Packer is in charge of his economy but the Australian Govn't has abrogated its charge of our economy a bloody long time ago. There's no "economy" for the govern't to manage. Just some book keeper's work. Accountancy, that's all!
    "This is the best country on earth!" I don't know what that means really but I do know that the Hospitals, the education, the environment, the Industrial relations, housing, transport, telecomunications, power... all these have a fuking long way to go before they're anywhere near great! A couple of my neighbours can't pay their Council rates let alone go and see a doctor!
    What good brains we produce can't cope with the intellectual poverty here and plss off overseas. This country must suffer the worst brain drain in the world with degrees that cost $100.000 to complete! What degenerate came out with that idea? Obviously one who had to pay nothing for his!

    But, we latch on to one or two slogans and like Orwell's sheep we say them over and over again before we lapse back onto the Gerry Springer school of idiots and the Ricky school of dodoes!
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