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    As t4 states, some put up for sale straight after buying in.
    This is the strategy 9/10 take imo.What a joke.
    It's one of the things a newbie can recognise when they first start looking at the market depth.
    If you want to trade and make a quick few hundred or thousands, make the most out of the swings in a stock that will move 10-15% with around at least 5 million trading during a session.
    Can't stand the ones who look to make 2-3k on 100,000 shares at any sp.Bad investing imo.All it takes is a few 3-5k losses and you finished(depending on capital ofcourse).
    The right course of action is to buy when the price is right(undervalued ofcourse)and then spread the word and look to make 10-50,60,70 points from it.When the sp gets to a level that you think it's had it's run then you can sell at market or bid,who cares about the extra point when you have just made 20/30k for example.
    But then again you might be onto a stock such as cvi, and you look to be making 100-300 points from it.
    You don't place on market and say oh well when it gets to that price i'll sell at that price, and have your parcel continually putting downward pressure on the sp.Imagine if you could act like that with stop losses lol.
    Really goes to show 9/10 don't really know what the company is worth and they are just trying to make the most from it with some momentum.
    It's amazing how well a sp will go if there ain't many sellers.
    Just how a good buyer waits off-screen, so should a good seller.
    I mean it's all about making the most from the parcel one buys, not limiting it.
    Some will never prosper in this game and will always have to go back to a day job at some stage.
    God knows how the majority of sellers in any given stock think they are doing the right thing by having an order on market in the sell side non-stop.I mean it should be known automatically that it ain't the right course of action even b4 you place the order.
    It's just going to put downward pressure on it.
    Mate imagine all the top20 done that lol.
    I dead set give up lol.
    I can't wait to get myself above the penny dreadfull fpo's trying to make my small fortune.
    Once i get there i'll just ensure a fixed income from divvies or just plain old fixed income/rent.
    Too frustrating, but then again i need to keep the patience in check.The sell trigger is never to be used until one's goal is met or things turn bad within the stock.Why employ a stop trailing loss when you know you have the right investment?You have a set exit plan.
    Mine is when it reaches a set level i can pay off all my debt, buy another house and keep myself in the market.
    I can use the options as a new starting point and try to replecate my capital building.Spend 4k(for example) on options, sell at market whenever taking 5/6 bags profit, then buy at least 100,000 shares in the next thing that can propel me towards 100k capital again.
    When you know its right you can put all your eggs in one basket and take the risk.Mate thats how i came from the ashes when i got down to high 20k from 100k and had to throw the dice for the last time so i decided to put it all into cxm then fwl, too easy.
    You have to use the charts, i don't care what anyone thinks regading them.
    You need to know the direction of the sp, the trend.
    Anyway good luck.
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