OBJ 0.00% 1.5¢ obj limited

objo hold or exercise for spp

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    I have done some calculations and have come up with this
    Lets say the sp is 3.2 cents
    At the moment you can sell your options for 0.019 cents
    If you wer to sell 900000 objo,s you would get 3 points less for them than what they should be worth to sell $2700.00
    If you exercise 900000 objo you would be able to buy 100000 obj and get 50000 free options so your paper profit would be at 100000 per point 9x100=$900.00 plus 50000x0.019cents=$950.00 total profit $900.00 plus $950.00 = $1850.00
    Now the way I see it is why bother when if you hold on to your options they will proberbly catch up to the heads and that $2700.00 less you can sell them for now you would proberbly get when the options trade at 0.022 cents when the heads are 0.032 cents
    Maybe the objo,s will never trade at there true value but I think it worth holding on to the objo,s as I expect to make more money on them by holding on to them as you get more for your money when you buy options so for every point rise in the sp you will make more.
    As always dyor
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