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    G'day all,

    As I do from time to time, I have been scanning my charts and info for anything of interest. This one caught my eye initially because of the Chart.

    I like charts that are going up. :) I had never even heard of this company so I put in a little effort and on the surface it seems quite interesting. The company is essentially an Australian based Insurance Broker and they seem to be on the up and up (as evidenced by their share price).

    Some facts.

    Approx 45m shares @ 375 = $169m

    2001/02 revenue up 45% to $421 million

    NPAT $11.5m

    EPS up 5.3%

    12c ff dividend goes ex October, bringing full year to 20c

    1 for 2 bonus issue goes ex November with a stated aim of increasing liquidity in the stock.

    Projected 02/03 revenue growth 35%.

    Their growth seems to be a mix of both organic growth and strategic acquisitions. They took over some 16 companies last year and have already make a couple of (albeit small) strategic acquisitions this year.

    Their recent analyst briefing document makes for interesting reading.

    Very interested to know if anyone has anything to add to my meagre knowledge thus far gleaned.

    I do not hold (just yet)

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Currently unlisted public company.

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