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oakajee and port

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    Ever since MMX listed on the ASX, which was early in '05, they always maintained "intellectual" rights to the port and rail infra, so when Mitsu hopped on board it was full steam ahead for that project. Along the way a lot of battles with MIS/Yilgarn and other interested parties then it all came down to a limited tender process, and OPR was the chosen proponent. Now that WA has had a change of government they have shifted the goal posts and are leaving OPR in no man's land at the moment. MMX have fought hard and long for this battle and will not be happy to sign back over to the WA govt. The ownership of the infra has a huge notional value down the track and I would think they would be quite happy as the chosen proponent to build the whole kit and kaboodle with Mitsu.
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