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    the iris contract has been 3 or 4 years in the making ....there are many possible contracts waiting in the wings and this was the biggie that was needed ...thier technology is world standard and to get to euro 3 emmision level is the icing on the cake ....watch this one !

    Sydney - Wednesday - June 19: (RWE) - Advanced Engine Components
    Ltd has entered a three-and-a-half-year contract to supply its multi
    point sequential EFI gas system to Irisbus France.
    Irisbus is a joint venture company formed by Renault of France
    and IveCo of Italy to build and market buses and coaches.
    The contract is expected to generate revenues of over $12
    million for AEC, with $6 million received in the first year following
    delivery of the first 350 units.
    AEC anticipates over 750 buses requiring its Transcom Natural
    Gas Vehicle System will be produced over the contract period.
    In addition, AEC will supply a full range of spare parts for the
    ongoing maintenance of the buses over the life of the contract.
    AEC is the exclusive supplier of natural gas technology for
    Renault engines used by Irisbus to enable them to meet the European
    emissions standard, Euro 3.
    The company's patented Transcom NGVS is the only multi point
    sequential EFI gas system in the world and complies with the Euro 4
    emissions standard due to come into effect in August 2005.
    The contract with Irisbus has an option to extend on an annual
    basis if suitable demand for NGVS equipped engines continues.
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