numbacca , it is unbearable to see a fighting jew

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    I cannot really blame you . If you are an Arab we are at an historical conflict . One day you WILL recognize Israel and the Jewish national movement . If you won't , well it is bad for both nations . Until then , no chance for peace .
    If you abandon your dream of ERADICATING the jewish entity in Israel , it would be a good start , for building some trust . If you won't ,well it will be bad for both nations . However,Remember this . MANY tried to eradicate the Jews .Never succeeded . In fact , history shows , they all have disappeared from the history stage . Jews are still there and STRONGER THAN EVER .

    If you are a right winger . I have no dialogue with you .
    You will disappear from history like your heroes did in Berlin 45 and Nuremberg . It is a pity that you are an Aussie too . But in every herd there is a black sheep.

    If you are from the LEFT wing psuedo intelligensia , There is still a hope that you have been utterly brainwashed with distorted anti-zionist propoganda and perhaps be cleared from this dirt one day. It is very likely , however ,that you are completely misinformed and in fact know very little about Israel and the Arab conflict . Perhaps as an honest experiment , you should buy yourself a ticket , and visit the field , to learn about it before you go on exposing your ignorance in this area . Afterall you are a uni graduate and hopefully absorbed some tools to use in defying or proving a certain theory .
    And in this case , please stop all those slogans you frequently use , as it is an insult to ypur academic background .
    Last but least . Sharon is hated because he is the antithesis to all Jew haters . Suddenly there is a strong fighting Jew that does not let the hangmen , the murderers , the rapers , stay unpunished . Moreover , he is such a Jew , Good lord , He is even pre emptively kills the snake before it bites . My heart goes for you guys . 2000 years of certain behaviour pattern has changed ,and you with most of European nations are shocked by the new phenomenon .

    The French , who were saved by the Americans , are now spitting at their saviours .A hooker is always a hooker even in ladies dress .

    The Belgians . What a bunch of Hypocrites . In the sixties , they have been responsible for the slaughter of millions of KONGOLESE , by playing between the tribes of Patris Lumumba and his oppoments . King Leopold was the royal that sucked the sauce from the Congolese flesh . He needed their diamonds more than anything else .In the ninetees they could not stop the mutual genocide that occurred in Rewanda . They have sent a token force of 300 soldiers in their past colony and happily gazed at 2 millions being hacked to death .If there was a bloody justice in this rotten world , the LEADERS OF BELGIUM , should have been brought to international court , like they plerad now to do to Arik sharon . But WHO CARES for 2 million Africans ? Not the french . Not the Belgium . Nobody really . I mean they are still considered the dumb nation of Europe .And more . What have they done to those PEDOPHILES ? Nothing . They have not even brought them to trial since 1996 ! WHY ? Because , it would reveal , the deep involvement of their VIP's inclusive of the royal family in International Pedophilia . What can one expect from a nation that its national emblem is a pissing toddler ? Who was the genius that located the EU headquarters in Bruxelles ?
    And they are blaming a Jew for the killing of Arabs by another sect of Arabs . Actually , Sharon was pretty naive to believe in 1982 that the Maronites Lebaneese were better than their Muslim brothers . An ignorance of a Jew is a rarity , not when it relares to the middle east .. However , it is the most difficult area in the Middle East . I mean the complexity of the different forces within the Arab world . Even the Arabs themselves find it hard to comprehend . And Sharon political Israeli rivals Rabin and Peres . How were they connived by Yassar ? We all believed the tiger has changed his skin . Goch . He planned this intifada , long before , sitting in Camp David , with Barak and Clinton .
    And for that The Belgians want to trial Sharon ? It is so redicolous ! For two Arabs sects killing each other !
    Wait a minute . Why the Belgs did not put Assad of Syria for a trial after he murdered in HOMS 40000 his own countymen back in the late seventies ? What about Saddam ? Didn't he use chemical warfare against the Kurds ? And what about the Belgium traitors who colaborated with the Nazies ? Not even ONE JEW was saved by the Belgs during the war from the Nazies .Why they were not brought to justice ?

    The most important numbers in the middle east :
    Israel area 21000 sqkm . The Arab countries 5 000 000 !
    One day of Arab OIL output REVENUES would have solved the Palestinian ' refugees ' in such a way that each of their families will afford a VILLA not a humble flat like most Israelis live in .

    For every Arab refugee from 48 therethare is AT LEAST one JEW who were kicked off / exiled from all Arab countries between 48-57 . There were 2 million Jews of Arab countries origines that arrived to Israel during those years , and they were compelled to LEAVE back there all their ASSETS including real eastate .Arab countries still owe these Refugees Jews trillions of dollars.

    There were less than 800 000 Arab refugees in 48-49 . The two million jews settled in Israel . They have excelled and progressed in Israel . At the same time , the Arab world , has decided , to use those poor Arab refugees as scapegoats for their vile and hatred towards Israel . The Cynical eternalization of these refugees status has been since, the catalyst for ongoing struggle against Israel n the Jews .

    I could go on for hours telling you our side . Will it help to change your views ? I doubt . At least , honest Aussies can also see how the truth is constantly distorted by most media outlets , web sites that have virtually been captured by the likes , and hypocrite nations like Belgium n France

    This is not propoganda . This is the truth .
    I am sure , you will not respond WITH FACTS . You do not know them . Duff
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