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    Hi Sandy
    Yep, it’s a constant battle having to counter all the nonsense and malicious posts being made here in order to mislead the lazy punter who is not doing his own research.
    Some like Salty just deliberately post c.ap out of spite.

    There should be a three strikes and your out; post deliberate untruths three times and you should be banned for life LOL of course it’s not enforceable and there wouldn’t be many posters left, but then the sincere and serious ones would get a fairer hearing and the debate would improve to where it should be.

    Reserves comparison:

    NDO 0.0057 bbo per share

    OEL 0.0400 bbo per share

    As much as I like Nido and its assets, I can’t see them going anywhere far in a hurry from this base of a market cap of $150m.

    Some of their hyperbole is a bit nauseating at times, that’s probably what has turned it more into a religious cult with followers hanging on every word the great guru leader utters, and repeating it ad nauseam. And utter he does.

    Compare that with one man tornado Dr. Jaap Poll who just quietly gets on with the job and shows real results.

    OEL has a 7.5 times smaller market cap but 7 times the reserves per share, I know which one I choose to invest in at this stage.

    Both are doing seismic at the moment, but OEL doing so over a massive target with potential of holding some 600mbbo. NDO may come up with the goods also, who knows.

    OEL has a definitive time timetable to production with a smart deal constructed to allow more production of the tail of the field, as day rates for the BBC decrease by 32% over two years.
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