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    Well, why is it that some ‘posters’, if you can call them that, would make the most inane, unsubstantiated, spiteful, idi.tic comment, then others even try to give it currency by regurgitate this c.ap?
    It does no credit to the mo.onic poster, nor to HC I might add, that these never ending nuisance posts appear, while some are trying to conduct an informed discussion way above the sewer level.
    Some have actually shown themselves to be quite capable of making sensible and informed comments, like Salty, so it is all the more inexcusable that they should stoop to such levels of posting, if it ‘suits’ their AGENDA.
    We can’t be sure if they just don’t measure up or left school too early perhaps or whatever.

    Just stick to the facts and stand corrected if you ever make a faux pas, no shame in admitting a lapse.
    But pursuing an agenda with unsubstantiated garbage is just beyond the tolerance of a forum such as this.

    So please guys, take a good look into the mirror and consider your actions.
    What goes round comes round.

    As for the current weakness in the price, stand by for a resolution to this problem very soon!
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