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    I am one of them.

    I am an ordinary guy, with hearing loss, (never required hearing aids), but have noise induced hearing loss (Drilling industry for 20 odd years). I get stressed when I go to loud social environments, public places etc. It is quite noticeable to my daughters and wife, but not by others, they consider it a social and behavioral problem. (They say I look angry, and all I am trying to do is hear them lol) My wife struggles to hear me (some would say that's a good thing), but often I fail to recognise that she is also under stress, as she wants to, but cant, due to her hearing loss. (Actually worse than mine) A 2 fold problem lol.

    I am 49, my wife 54. I know this is not a 24hr a day cure, but any reprieve from not being able to go out, and enjoy conversations again (together) and not have that swimming cap on (Wrinkles between the eyes and across the forehead), or turning away from the person I am talking to, covering the ear, when a loud noise passes by, we will both be very happy.

    The 2 interviews at CES2017 with David Cannington and Bruce Borenstein did it for me as an investment. Well done Nuheara.

    I am looking forward to the CES2017 Update. I am hoping pre-order sales from retailers are incorporated (if known).

    This market is huge imo. Highly underestimated.

    Enough Ales for me today lol

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