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    " From what I understand from whoa to go for a nuke powerstaion is a 20 year leadtime. "

    From what I understand that is correct. I would have said 10 to 15 but in a country like Australia with all it's red tape it could blow out to twenty quite easily. Finding suitable locations would be one of the biggest stumbling blocks.

    So, what do we do in the meantime ? Given how quickly renewables have advanced in a decade, can you imagine how good they will be in another decade now that they have 10 times the finance and research effort behind them ?

    If you were to start on your nuclear plan today I reckon nuclear power stations would be obsolete before they were completed. Unless someone comes up with a thorium ( or some other type that produces no waste ) reactor tommorrow, it's all over for nukes.

    Sadly , nuclear has missed it's window.

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