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    is the only way to go now.

    Forget the tit for tat we won,they won,left,right dogma!

    We can't burn coal,gas is dubious,solar and wind power won't cut it and geo (hot rocks) is still many years away.

    From what I understand from whoa to go for a nuke powerstaion is a 20 year leadtime.

    We are so far behind!

    Current political thought is that this is too hard.

    In the current political environment one can see why.I cannot understand why the Greens spurn the nuclear solution.It is so them-lol:)Clean as and safe for the mammals.

    We could,as a nation,reap huge returns (capitalisit as it is) by selling uranium to the world with the caveat we will take the spent fuel rods etc and bury them in the most stable geology on earth.

    Uranium is the new oil.

    It's only a matter of time now.

    Leadership is required,unfortunatley we have none.

    So we are now expected to cop electrity increases of 100%,and that is before a carbon tax or ETS.

    Could be 200%!

    Unsustainable imho.

    I believe we should go back to the polls and the sooner the better.

    The Green party will be the death of Australia as we know it.

    Liberal or Labor we must unite to cut this cancer from our midst.

    The party that goes nuclear will get my vote-who will it be?

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