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nuclear fuel ukraine decision imminent

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    Hi Folks

    Nearly two weeks ago Sam posted below that;

    Concern Nuclear Fuel Ukraine "will create at the end of February"

    (His earlier post as reference is at the end of mine)

    So. With that in mind, we approach the last week of February with hope and expectation that the final impediment to Uran securing AND starting work on the 2 projects is completed.

    The key is how long after Nuclear Fuel Ukraine is sorted will Uran (and a host of other companies)be given the green light.

    The recent activity imo had nothing to do with this expectation. I think the Czech activity was the catalyst along with some buyers finally moving up to take some.

    Again this week we may see a similar situation.

    After the initial spike, buyers are still not prepared to move up and buy.
    The recent buyers/sellers imo have been sorted out with the 'relatively low and equal volumes on the days in question.

    Imo it leaves us in a better position. We know theres buyers 'already' waiting.
    We know the sellers 'once again' have been exhausted.
    We know also that Uran would have got the attention of a number of traders for 'future reference'
    I'd suggest URA has been placed on a few watchlists.

    Last weeks events left us above the previous levels. A win for current shareholders.

    We saw 33 cents, and we saw it on no news.

    With Nuclear Fuel Ukraine decision imminent we see another possible catalyst for some activity.

    So much depends on how fast Ukraine want to move on 'getting down to biz'
    Their intent appears to be aggressive and purposeful since they secured Govt.
    Remember it was only 9 weeks ago that they did.

    Want to know whats going on? Suggest a good time to call/contact company to clarify.
    Ive emailed Pat Ryan so hopefully he gives me some indication.

    Folks now it is getting interesting...and close. We keep saying it, but as we do 'another' change of policy/direction delays 'the inevitable'

    Nuclear Fuel Ukraine should change that.

    Will be interesting to see if any buyers move up this week to secure a spot for these projects knowing theres activity here on several fronts in several countries.

    Today, 14 February, the head of the Ministry of Fuel and Energy Yuri Prodan said that within two weeks the Government would decide on the establishment by the "Nuclear Fuel Ukraine."

    "Today drafted on the establishment of state" Nuclear Fuel Ukraine "... I think that for two weeks, we will take this decision," - said the minister.

    Yuri Prodan said that the statute of "Nuclear Fuel Ukraine" will clearly the main purpose of its establishment, and the impossibility of alienation of the property.

    According to the Minister, work is under way also in agreement and the elimination of state Ukratomprom."By" Ukratompromu "there is a presidential decree and the Cabinet, and today is a normal procedure for the elimination" - said Mr. Prodan.


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