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    The share price of NTU can easily be "manipulated" down legally .
    Don t be fooled by the drop in sp. Understand what is actually going on .DYOR before you sell NTU Shares

    One needs to watch the course of sales to understand how the SP is being driven down.
    look at the XT trades.
    Look at the small trades .
    Average joe , cannot play this " game" because of the cost of the brokerage fees exceeds the gain.
    Watch top 3 lines ,the shares on bid(buy) and the those on offer(sell)

    In the absence of new orders @ market price , It is possible that a broker have a client with 2 entities . 1 entity on the buy side (LH) and, 1 on the sell side (RH)
    When the buyer wants to accumulate at the lower price,it is easy to set up trades on either side.
    RH sells to LH ,to drop the sp with the hope of putting fear in shareholders.
    Some sucker put shares to sell and Clever broker snatch them on the cheap.

    A number of orders are placed on the buy side at a lower price.

    Yes it is Anyone with experience knows that it is a joke . But legal.

    Long Term Holders are not stupid.
    Who is stupid to sell now.
    They know that the Brokers can shake the tree but cannot create shares.

    Did anyone watch a sell order of 49999 @19c this morning , It was withdrawn.
    And this was followed by a trade of 8000 executed at 18.5c .

    Don t be fooled by the sp.

    There are sharks out there

    How many shares can one buy at the current SP ???
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Mkt cap ! $106.9M
Open High Low Value Volume
7.3¢ 7.3¢ 7.0¢ $92.39K 1.304M

Buyers (Bids)

No. Vol. Price($)
6 2698062 7.1¢

Sellers (Offers)

Price($) Vol. No.
7.2¢ 167097 1
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Last update - 15.55pm 22/03/2019 (20 minute delay) ?
-0.001 ( 2.74 %)
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7.2¢ 7.3¢ 7.0¢ 563546
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