NSW Supreme Court bans BLM demonstration

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    Sydney's Black Lives Matter protesters have been denied the right to demonstrate in Sydney on Saturday June 5. The NSW Supreme Court's Justice Desmond Fagan ruled on the matter after the NSW police asked it to consider its injunction, arguing the demonstration would breach coronavirus public health orders. Fagan found it would be a public safety risk to allow the protest to go ahead.

    “I cannot accept that these proposals ... should take the place of the public health order which applies to all citizens,” he said.

    The current rules in New South Wales only allow gatherings of 10 people or less. Fagan described the protest as an “unreasonable proposition” given the current social distancing restrictions, according to The Guardian.

    “It is self-evident that the social distancing measures adopted to this point have been the key element to stopping the spread of this disease," says Fagan. “A gathering of 5000 people … is an unreasonable proposition. For these reasons I refuse the application," according to the Australian Financial Review.

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