NSW Labor will seek to bar Shaoquett Moselmane from Parliament

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    It just keeps getting better for Labor and Eden Monaro is next Saturday.

    NSW Labor leader Jodi McKay has stated her intention to suspend Shaoquett Moselmane from Parliament, a day after the Government announced it planned do just that.

    Key points:

    • MP Shaoquett Moselmane was suspended from the Labor Party on Friday
    • He is under investigation from ASIO and the AFP for Chinese agent links
    • The motion to suspend from Parliament won't occur until August due to winter break

    Mr Moselmane, an Upper House MP, is being investigated over allegations Chinese Government agents had infiltrated his office.

    He was suspended from the Labor Party on Friday after his house and office were raided by agents from the Australian Federal Police in a joint-investigation with ASIO.

    It meant that Mr Moselmane was no longer part of Labor Caucus but could still sit in the Upper House as a member of parliament.

    But Jodi McKay said she now believes her MP should be banned from the Legislative Council and Labor will move a motion to suspend him from Parliament.

    "The decision we have made today as a leadership team is one that has been discussed over the past two days," she said.

    "This is a decision I don't take lightly."

    The motion won't be moved until August because Parliament is currently on winter break.

    Ms McKay said Mr Moselmane has been advised and that she was seeking his support for the suspension motion.

    Yesterday, the NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet announced the Government would move a motion to suspend Mr Moselmane from Parliament until the matter was resolved.

    He also criticised Ms McKay's "lack of action", describing her response as "inadequate".

    Less than 24 hours later, Ms McKay announced her intention to suspend Mr Moselmane, claiming the issue as the party's own to be dealt with.

    "This is a Labor issue and it needs to be the Labor party that fixes this issue," she said.

    She pointed to the lack of charges laid against Mr Moselmane so far and supported the investigation running its course.

    But, she said, she hoped his resignation from parliament is "something that is being actively considered by him".


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