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    I'll keep brick batting politicians until they employ some half decent advisors who actually take notice of virus behaviour (the maths of how it spreads,the permanent organ damage it does and the limited immunity previousinfection confers).

    As I mentioned on the Victoria coronavirus thread, and elsewhere, THE MATHS OF IT ARE PRETTY SIMPLE. If it gets out you can't get it back in unless the requisite lockdown is INSTANT.

    Australia's economy is now likely ruinedbecause:

    - there was no decision to lockdown lock the Victoria/NSW border 2 weeks prior to when it did happen.

    - there was no decision to lock down SW Sydney and close the pubs and clubs this INSTANT the Casula pub.

    - Pub compliance on registering patrons was effectively voluntary.

    - the parameters for the COVID app tracing (15 minutes and a close range) were always too never enough,

    - testing remains entirely voluntary.

    - masks in public places remain voluntary,

    Why are people who have not received a clear test in the last 3 days allowed to visit nursing homes? Testing is available so what is the reason?

    Half arzed measures don't cut it, Half aezed measures will never cut it because they are based entirely on dynamically wrong assumptions.

    The mantra that we shouldn't close for "everything" flags stupidity and ignorance because it can only lead to a much bigger closure and the economic ruination that comes with that. Minor events if not jumped on hard lead to major events WITH ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY,

    I like Glady's as a Premier and she can deliver a clearer message than anyone else in the room but she needs to do some hiring and firing TODAY.

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