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    Hi All,

    I want everyone to focus on Bullet Point 3 – of the announcement –

    “NSL Health Limited (NSL) has appointed an independent reputable consulting firm of geologists to conduct an independent review of the Indian Iron ore Project and, in particular, to form a view on the exploration potential of the Project”

    Now previously, they came out before stating that the Project had 200mt @ 60% fe. That was what “Austind Pty Ltd” was telling NSL.
    NSL as a Board and company looked into it and then after reviewing the project and conducting many site tests, rock chip samples – HAVE TODAY stated –

    “Yes, we know there is a resource of the size of at least 200mt @ 60% fe – we want a piece of the cake – we will sign unconditionally on the JV and spend 400k and furthermore – we are bringing in an independent third party to size up and JORC the resource we have”

    PEOPLE, keep it logical – forget the conjecture on here at Hotcopper and anywhere else!

    IF you are a shareholder you have;

    1. The Board signing to the with Austind who have - 200mt @ 60% fe at the least!
    2. The Board getting independent geo’s to check and JORC the resource. NO Board will do this IF there wasn’t a resource. NSL are sure that they have a 200mt+ target, how do I know this – well they signed the friggin JV doc today! Why would the unconditionally sign a JV if a resource wasn’t there?

    It’s a no brainer, this company has now Assets of 200mt @ 60% fe – and its time to BUY up.

    I spoke to Sean Henbury a week ago, and asked him if the resource of 200mt @ 60% fe is actually there, and he stated that NSL wouldn’t be looking at the project if there wasn’t a resource. THE JV is the sign I wanted to ensure that they actually have a resource and will define it.

    Case closed.
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