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nse may have best shale gas tenements in world

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    I am always following BHP. They bid for PotashCorp in last August and I got into ELM two days later after making a ASX potash stocks assestment. I have made a 5 fold profit and got out last month.

    Today, BHP announced that they bought the second Shale Gas company for $12b. I am in NSE now. NSE is now becoming a partner with Conoco which is the biggest oil and gas company of the world.

    According to my extensive research about Canning basin I have made long time ago for NSE and BRU (which I was waiting for the opportunity), NSE may be sitting on one of the best shale gas tenements of the world. I'll post my previous research notes and graphics on NSE threads later on (:-))

    You can find the reason in this link here: Source: Click here
    Canning Basin and global Palaeozoic petroleum systems?A review. (pdf file)

    And that's the reason Conoco is partnering with NSE.

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