NRL Lastman Standing - Rnd 1

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    Lastman Standing is back for 2019

    Who is going to take the winning trophy this year, our past winners as follows:
    2013 - cerhob - Round 12
    2014 - bernardp - Round 6
    2015 - Jako64 - Round 6
    2016 - Metalduster - Round 12
    2017 - Three way tie between jimbob233, Kooka & rememdium - Round 3
    2018 - Bugsam - Round 7

    2019 - ... will it be you?

    Here are the 4 rules:

    Rule 1.
    You must pick only 1 team in the code and this team must either WIN or Draw to proceed into the next round, if you pick a losing team you are out of the game.

    Rule 2.
    Your 1 team pick must be in before the kick off of the first game of the round. (normally Thursday 7:50pm AEST)

    Rule 3.
    Once you have selected a team, this team can not be selected again until a time when you have selected all teams at some point during the competition. Eg: As there is 16 teams, your first pick can not be selected until the 17th round, provided you get there.

    Rule 4.
    Failure to pick a team when you are eligible or picking a team you have already picked before, you will be nominated the first alphabetical team you have left in your selection. Alphabet selection of teams is in this order: Broncos, Bulldogs, Cowboys, Dragons, Eagles, Eels, Knights, Panthers, Rabbitohs, Raiders, Roosters, Sharks, Storm, Tigers, Titans, Warriors.

    That is all.

    It is a pure strategic game, you can go out blazing with just certain winners, but later on in the comp you have "weak" teams playing against good team. Each Monday night after the week's games, I'll update the "eligible" players to go into the next round.

    As this is the first week of tipping you can join in whenever you wish, as long as your choice of team is picked prior to kickoff. If you pick a team and it loses you can not pick again.

    Good Luck To All Tippers

    Click HERE to view the draw for round 1, then return back and post your selection.
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