NRL "Bayview" Tipping comp 2019

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    It's on AGAIN. With @bayview taking out the 2016 comp, he has history against him with Maaze failing to win in consecutive years from his 2015 victory.

    For those who want to join, please do. Everyone is welcome as it provides a bit of interest and banter. Remember the comp starts this THURSDAY so get in early. The details are as follows:

    For those who are interested in being involved in a "friendly" NRL tipping comp for hotcopper members, I have set up a competition on

    It's very easy to join. All you need to do is register and then join the competition. You can register and keep your name/personal details private and use your hotcopper nickname. Just enter your hotcopper nickname in the "alias" box when registering. It will take about 5min maximum to register.

    Once you have registered, you then need to join a competition. All you need to do is "search" for the competition to join and it is under the name "hotcopper". Once you find the competition, it will ask for a password. The password for the hotcopper competition is "sport".

    I have chosen to set it up on that website because it is clean and easy to monitor. We won't have to worry about collecting data each week and if anyone forgets to put their tips in, everything will be automatically calculated. If you fail to put your tips in, I have made it that you get equal to the lowest score of the round that a member (who put their tips in) got.

    So, again:
    website -
    register - type your HC nickname in the "alias" box
    Competition - search "hotcopper
    Password for comp - sport
    (you can keep your personal details private and only your HC nickname shows up on the comp).
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