FXR 0.00% 0.2¢ fox resources limited

npv of $1 currently 50c and drilling

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    Scoping studies suggest an NPV of $1 per share (undiluted).

    The scoping study does not take into account likely improvements to the reserve base from the recent or future drilling.

    FXR is currently doing a roadshow in 3 states.

    FXR is currently drilling and going on recent results we can expect more good news.

    FXR has a market cap of 15 mill,or only 30 mill shares on issue...very hard to get hold of stock.

    Nickel is the flavour of the month and many experts are calling much much higher prices.

    Everything is in place for this stock to go higher,even after reading yesterdays presentation I note they have quite a good little holding of gold.

    Watch this one as its looking for strong and last weeks results have been said to be the best find since JBMs find 4 years ago,JBM is now worth over half a billion dollars.

    Good luck
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