now this is contreversial to say the least !!

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    I am very new to this site and am a trader. What is the story folks, i don't get it !!!

    A whole heap of you make comments on stocks and you state no position. With the comments some of you are making you would be crazy not too hold a position. Either that or you are not game to disclosure.

    Some others come up with stock information that could either only be bullsh** or insider intrader. I suspect the first.
    Why would you post this info on the site if you weren't trying to ramp up the price huh ??? Now that is naughty

    Mind you a lot of you dig into others over crap posts and recommendations. I commend you !

    Feel free to comment folks, but from an outsider looking there is a lot of crap comments made on either bullsh** or insider trader knowledge. If you are as good as some of your posts you would be too busy making money on trades to post on this site !

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