now that arafat is gone

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    Now That Arafat is Gone
    by Marcia Fremont
    Dec 20, '04

    It seems everyone is optimistic these days. After all, Yasser Arafat is dead, George Bush - the greatest friend Israel ever had - was re-elected, Hosni Mubarak - a former enemy - has now turned into an emotional, loving friend of Ariel Sharon, and has even gone to bat for Israel, trying to talk those nasty Israel-hating nations into re-establishing relations with her. And Syria, at the behest of "Huggable Hosni", wants to return to the negotiating table.

    At last, peace can be seen on the horizon. Look, we're aware that it might take a little time. The Abu's are chanting Arafat's mantra, but we all know that is just for "street show". They, of course, don't really agree with Arafat, especially since they are moderates and want to end the "armed struggle". But as you know, the "street" has to be "eased in" to accepting diplomatic negotiations, lest they think the Palestinian Authority, heaven forbid, is giving in to Israel's demands for the cessation of terrorist activity and an end to the murdering of innocent Israelis. And, there are a few extra details world wide, like, uh, Iran. But those are just side issues.

    What's really important is the new state, Palestine. Now that Arafat's gone, the Palestinian Authority can be trusted to help Israel do things - like ridding Gaza of all its Jews. More weapons can be turned over to the PA, with more military training given by Egypt to facilitate this transition. Confidence-building measures are popping up around the world, with leaders and nations falling all over each other, wanting to be the first and the best of Palestinian Authority supporters (now that Arafat is gone). I mean, what's $20+ million between friends?

    There is no need now to speak of ending terrorism. It doesn't matter. With Arafat gone, we can, at last, give to the Arab world not only Gaza, but all of Judea and Samaria, the Golan and half of Jerusalem. It's a gift for the PA, because of their new equanimity, and it enables Israel to say, "We're rootin' for ya', Abu!"

    Knowledgeable and loyal Israel supporters across the globe are all saying how promising it looks, so it must be the time for which we have been longing. This new scenario is bringing Israel together as well. Why, just today, Prime Minister Sharon presented long-time opposition leader Shimon Peres with a lovely bouquet of flowers.

    If the people who call themselves Palestinians will accept democracy, then, of course, we have an obligation to create a state for them within Israel. There's way too much room for the Jews as it is. Besides, what could be more wonderful than having a democratic Middle East?

    After all, this is the hallmark of Bush's foreign policy: democratize the Arab world, and we will all live happily ever after. To show great gratitude for even talking about democracy, America and her companions are offering the Arab world an incentive - Israel. In fact, the best idea yet is just around the corner - half of Israel now, the rest to come later.

    What a wonderful thing for Israel! To lead the world in peace by sacrificing herself is a great honor. Isn't that what Israel was to be - a light unto the nations? Leading the nations to world peace by extinguishing herself must be the ultimate sacrifice, and so noble.

    What a tremendous and great idea.... And so totally insane and heart wrenchingly, horrifyingly sad. And such a desecration of God's name.

    This is one of those times when it is hoped that our words have not gone from Israel's mouth to God's ear, but unfortunately, it is too late for God not to have noticed.

    But wait, there is another cry that is being heard. It comes from the mouths and hearts of modern day Maccabees, reborn in the hills of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza – the people of Gush Katif, and all across Israel, who are shouting out against this evil and reminding the world that Israel belongs to the people Israel because it was bequeathed to them by God Himself. They are small in number, but I am confident that the Almighty can hear them above the din and the clamor of the world and the prattling of Israel's leaders.

    I am also certain that He has an even better plan. And He will execute it.

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