Now lets get down to some serious investing!

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    Please refer the follwing list of HOT stocks:

    ORI -Orica (Chart says everything)

    Bendigo Bank - Community banking going great guns imho Look for robust profits.

    Westpac/NAB - best of the big banks imho.

    Qan - Ready for take off! Hedging looks better with oil rising?

    PRK- Virgin Blue float should stimulate plenty of interest. Look for a $300 million profit to be raised by Patrick through its 50% shareholding imho

    MIG- CBA selling down its holding. Bottom price $2.90-$3.10. expect this one to soar shortly.

    CSL - Have to consider if it finds support around these levels. Still believe thre is plenty of nervous nellies imho.

    OXR - Instos playing games with this one. Off to 70 cents we go.

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