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now it gets interesting

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    European standards body approves NFC specs.

    "It appears that the GSMA recently received another feather for its hat when the European Telecoms Standardization Institute (ETSI) approved its Host Controller Interface software specification for use in NFC equipped cell phones. The approved HCI manages the connection between a cell phone's NFC chip and its SIM card. This approval is the final step required for manufacturers to start building mainstream NFC capable handsets, since the ETSI last year approved the Single Wire Interface hardware standard that defines the physical connection between the NFC chip and the SIM."

    Nokia launches NFC capable phone in germany
    BANKERS IN TALKS WITH TELCOS OVER NFC - major mobile and banking associations in talks about how this is all gonna work.

    Of course this will also impact on your normal credit type cards as we will need to see NFC capabilities added to smart cards and a host of alliances pushing smart card products as marketeers see the advantage of having a card or chip in a phone that they can write to in the consumers pocket.

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