Now Halton Arp maybe proven right and must be duly recognised

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    I was checking out the latest space news and came across this article about Halton Arp,I had read several years ago about red shift by Arp.

    Basically we have all heard a police car with its siren on go by. You have probably also noticed that if the police car is moving towards us, the pitch of the siren is higher than it is when the police car is moving away. To make a long story short, this effect is what is known as the "Doppler Effect".

    The question that you have right now is "What does a siren have to do with a distant star?". The answer is that light behaves same way that the siren does. Instead of the sound changing, though, the color of light from an object changes by a very small amount, depending on whether the object is moving closer to us or further away. By the way, an object has to be moving very, very fast in order for the light to change color even a little. | The Electric Universe
    A sound cosmology for the 21st century

    Synopsis 4 – What Big Bang?

    4. What Big Bang?

    The Big Bang is already dead! The unheralded “Galileo of the 20th century”, Halton Arp, has proven that the universe is not expanding. The Big Bang theory is based on a misinterpretation of redshift. The redshift of a distant galaxy is measured in the light coming from that galaxy. Lines in the spectrum of that galaxy show a shift toward the red compared with the same lines from our Sun. Arp discovered that high and low redshift objects are sometimes connected by a bridge or jet of matter. So redshift cannot be a measure of distance. Most of the redshift is intrinsic to the object. But there is more: Arp found that the intrinsic redshift of a quasar or galaxy took discrete values, which decreased with distance from a central active galaxy. In Arp’s new view of the cosmos, active galaxies “give birth” to high redshift quasars and companion galaxies. Redshift becomes a measure of the relative ages of nearby quasars and galaxies, not their distance. As a quasar or galaxy ages, the redshift decreases in discrete steps, or quanta.
    The huge puzzle for astrophysicists is why a galaxy should exhibit an atomic phenomenon. So we turn to particle physics. This difficulty highlights the fact that quantum “mechanics” applied to atoms is a theory without physical reality. The weirdness of quantum theory has been attributed to the subatomic scale to which it applies. But now that we have quantum effects in something the size of a galaxy, this convenient nonsense is exposed. If Arp is right many experts are going to look very silly. His discovery sounded the alarm in some halls of Academe and since nobody likes a loud noise – particularly if they are asleep – the knee-jerk response was to attack the guy with his finger on the alarm button. Arp’s telescope time was denied, papers rejected, and he was forced to leave the US to pursue his work.
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