CQT 0.00% 51.5¢ conquest mining limited

now getting interesting

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    Well this last selling down to 47.5c is still only minor volume, but it will show a little more of where this game will go short term.

    In that, I mean it could trigger more panic from those sellers on screen to come down further and set a minor snowball effect down.

    If it does I would find it interesting to see if a fair few off screen buyers come in to scoop. If they do this, once again it will prove what we have been saying all along in regards to manipulation.

    At what point will they release some news to stop the price decline. The answer I'm afraid is when they are all set and ready and not a moment earlier.

    After what I was told by the company and what has actually happened, which is nothing, I feel like a patsy.

    It seems a few of us were taken down the wrong path. In saying that, I believe that the results will be as good as what we were told, but certainly the timing of those results were never the truth.

    Let's see the next couple of days trading. I think a lot of answers will be revealed one way or another.

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