now chimaera stockbroker of melbourne :aaahhhh

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    Melbourne-based Chimaera Capital is another.

    Chimaera lends on just about any stock in the All Ordinaries index and lends stock out for shorting as well.

    Although there is nothing inherently wrong with the Merrill and ANZ jumbo loan model used by Opes and others, the relevant issue comes down to disclosure as usual.

    Whether, that is, investors were sufficiently made aware of the risks, particularly unsophisticated investors who had been switched into one of these firms by their stockbroker without being told they could lose the lot, and they did not hold title over their securities.

    In the case of Chimaera, it is not known whether this pledging occurred.

    Chimaera principals have been uncontactable for two days.

    [email protected]

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