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*** novogen update: cure for all cancer ***

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    Hi everyone,

    Dr kelly from Novogen presented at Sydney University last night (which I and several other investors attended). It seems Purdue University has found the FIRST link to all cancers and it's the first stage that happens in cancer. They also found that Phenoxodiol knocks out this target hence killing the cell (by stopping it expanding during the circadian cycle).

    De Kelly said this was a major breakthrough and that those guys at Purdue will probably get the nobel prize.


    Ovarian trial at Yale (20-30% response).

    Cervial cancer trial to use early stage cancer patients which are more likely to see a higher response.

    Combo trial to start soon at Yale i.e. Phenoxodiol and Cisplatin. This will see a much higher response rate.

    They have discovered a new drug for Pancreatic cancer, it's pre-clinical at the moment.

    Renal, breast and leukemias are also on the agenda with breast to start "soon".

    Here is the link to that press announcement:


    I own Novogen shares.
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