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novogen to start charging royalties soon?

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    Royalties from Isoflavones.

    1. Patents.

    The Adder discovered another Patent and Levy assisted him with presenting a final picture: Either this Patent will be sufficient to enable Novogen (NRT) to go ahead with charging royalties or we need to wait for yet another Patent expected in about 4 weeks time by a couple of posters. This second patent needs to be granted. There is also a new Application as well.

    Levy has suggested that the new Patent is the "decider". Others may feel that the Patent to come will be needed to give the coverage.

    Meanwhile, we can expect the handing over of the first Patent to NRT on about 27 May. They are expected to make an Announcement as to the significance of the Patent. The timing is sensitive as it is close to the ASCO Conference to start on 30 May.

    We'll know at that point when they will go ahead with charging royalties which are expected to be considerable and possible back payments could be involved as well. The Infringers of the Patents have already been warned some time ago by NRT.

    Investors should take note that in the final analysis, it doesn't matter that much if the Patent received is "the one" or will it be the next Patent which may be expected in say 4 weeks time.

    However, in the first case there will be reduced risks knowing that a start with charging of royalties can be made.

    There are 2 distinct advantages in knowing whether the Patent just received is the decider:
    1. NRT will be able to move in sooner on the Patent Infringers.
    2. Some investors may decide to become NRT shareholders now, the reason being that a solid increase in price can be expected once NRT decides to go ahead.

    However, should NRT need the next Patent as well then the increase will be somewhat later.
    But it is possible that the market will decide to start factoring in price increases from now on. Please note that Patents need to be defensible.

    2. Possible share price rise.
    Ozestock Post 7581 reaffirms that this could be $2.80 or $2.50 after a deduction has been made for this Isoflavone element already being part of the existing share price.

    The market has its quirks and we need to wait for any action the market will take.

    The Isoflavone market (health supplements, OTC) is massive and is growing at a very healthy rate. The Investor can do one of 3 things:

    Do nothing,
    Invest now,
    Invest after NRT decides to go ahead with charging royalties.

    That is my opinion.

    Investors, please do your own research before deciding to buy, hold or invest. Current price: $A3.79

    Gerry Stolwyk

    "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."
    Helen Keller

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