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    Announcement: Cardio-Vascular Drug Program `Outstanding` in human

    Date: 09 September 2002 - 09:35:28
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    HOMEX - Sydney

    Pharmaceutical company Novogen Limited's NV- 04 cardio-vascular drug
    program has demonstrated "outstanding" characteristics in its first
    human clinical trial.

    This is the view of an independent research team from the Baker Heart
    Research Institute, in Melbourne, who have completed the first Phase
    1 human clinical trial of the drug.

    The objective of the trial was to determine the effects of NV-04 on
    widening of blood vessels (dilation).

    Dilation enhances blood flow and can reduce blood pressure.

    According to Dr Jaye Chin-Dusting, head of the Baker Institute
    Vascular Pharmacology Laboratory, who conducted the study at the
    Alfred Hospital, in Melbourne, the trial results have demonstrated
    outstanding potency of the drug and reproducibility in arterial
    dilation by enhancing the biochemical activities within the blood
    vessel wall.

    "In this study six out of six subjects responded favourably in that
    intra-arterial administration of the drug led to significant increase
    in blood flow," Dr Chin- Dusting said.

    "These data are consistent with previous results conducted by the
    Baker team which demonstrated that compounds in the NV-04 program
    promote blood vessel relaxation, act as antioxidants and inhibit
    smooth muscle cell growth in blood vessels, factors contributing to
    build up of obstructive vascular plaques or atherosclerosis.

    "Reduced dilation of arteries is part of the disease process in
    patients with heart disease, high blood cholesterol and diabetes.

    "We expect to submit these findings for publication in a key medical
    journal as soon as possible," Dr Chin-Dusting said.

    Novogen's Research Director, Professor Alan Husband, said the trial
    result represented a major milestone in the Novogen cardio-vascular
    drug program.

    "We have demonstrated that the drug produces effects which are
    expected to be clinically relevant in improving cardiovascular
    function," Professor Husband said.

    The NV04 drug program has already demonstrated significant benefits
    in animal studies, by effectively blocking the development of the
    types of lesions that are associated with the common forms of heart
    disease in humans.

    "A particularly exciting outcome of this study," added Professor
    Husband. " is the fact that we are now seeing similar effects in

    "These compounds are expected to be sufficiently safe to be
    administered over long periods without side effects.

    "The commercial potential is evident, with an estimated US$17.7
    billion spent annually on cardiovascular drugs in the United States
    alone," Professor Husband said.

    The NV-04 research effort has been assisted by an award of A$3.7
    million through the Australian government's R&D START program.

    Professor Alan Husband

    Christopher Naughton
    TEL (02) 9878 0088

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