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    ASX Code: NRT
    Announcement: Major New Cosmetic Opportunity - Skin Repair Compound NV-07

    Date: 17 September 2002 - 18:33:36
    Market Sensitive: Yes


    HOMEX - Sydney

    Human clinical trialing of pharmaceutical company Novogen Limited's
    novel skin repair compound NV-07, has revealed a previously
    unrecognised benefit that is expected to have significant
    implications for protection of human skin from sunlight-induced

    The newly identified mode of action protects skin cells from damage
    to their DNA, a process which otherwise continues to occur over a
    period of days even after sun exposure has ceased. Human chemicals
    known to protect skin cells from the protracted DNA damage occurring
    after UV exposure, were present in significantly higher levels in the
    skin of people treated with NV-07 after UV exposure than in their
    untreated skin.

    This ongoing action promotes protection from adverse changes to the
    cell nucleus which could predispose to skin cancer.

    Previous reports from a concurrent human clinical trial had indicated
    that NV-07 prevented immune suppression in the skin, a feature
    normally associated with sun exposure and also predisposing to
    formation of skin cancers.

    Thus NV-07 now has been shown to have a two-fold benefit - inhibiting
    damaging changes to the DNA of skin cells and restoring normal immune
    activity after sun exposure.

    Novogen Research Director, Professor Alan Husband, said that the
    ability of NV-07 to prevent both phases of skin damage, which
    normally occurs after sun exposure, should expand considerably the
    potential uses for NV-07 beyond the immediate post-sun application
    previously envisaged.

    "Its likely use as a lotion to be applied on a continuing basis after
    exposure, to protect from damaging DNA changes as well as immune
    suppression, is a major additional scientific and commercial
    consideration," Professor Husband said.

    "We will be adjusting our planned further human studies to test for
    the additional efficacy outcomes now expected from NV-07."

    The human clinical trials of NV-07, are being conducted at Royal
    Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney and the Queensland Institute for
    Medical Research in Brisbane.

    Despite increased public awareness about the benefits of avoiding
    excessive sun exposure and the importance of sun block creams to
    prevent sun damage, the World Health Organisation's International
    Agency for Research on Cancer has issued a medical alert warning that
    the use of sun block creams was not effective in preventing the long
    term damage to the skin which may result in skin cancer.

    Professor Husband said the use of sun screen creams reduced sunburn
    but did not correlate with a reduction in risk of life-threatening
    skin cancers such as malignant melanoma.

    The current annual expenditure in the US on UV sun block creams is
    US$90 million and in Europe the figure is US$100 million.

    The current total skin care market for the world is around US$30
    billion annually, of which about US$6 billion is spent in the US.

    The Australian market is approximately 10 percent of the US market.

    Novogen's Managing Director, Mr Christopher Naughton, said Novogen
    would be managing the clinical development program for NV-07 and then
    reviewing potential marketing partners for the commercialisation of
    the product.

    NV-07 development has been supported by the grant of A$3.7 million
    from the Australian Government under the R&D START program.

    NV-07 is the third Novogen compound derived from the Company's
    patented phenolic hormone technology platform now in human clinical

    NOVOGEN LIMITED TEL (02) 9878 0088

    DAVID REID TEL (02) 9231 0922 (BUS)
    OR 0417 217 157 (MOBILE)
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