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Short term I think ARV should be valued at 20% to 23% of Novo,...

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    Short term I think ARV should be valued at 20% to 23% of Novo, we have 1.5km each of mapped ground being tested, they have 8km extension 100% we have 5.5km 50%, so we own 23% of the complete assumed and known strike.

    The canadians will say Novo own blah and blah 5mill kilometers of land, I say probably do and when they go explore it and map it, then it will add to their cap once it's confirmed, right we are valuing what is know, being explored for, ARV has good ground and might have a billion dollar cobalt deposit aswell, but no body gives a fly fark about it nor should they.

    So 23% of novo, they are running at $8 right now 197million share fully diluted 1.5Billion dollars, so give us $300mill today and I say thats evenly price short term I hope as our register tightens we close the gap.

    Long term that's not something I am too keen to say honestly, cause you start talking certain level of numbers and people starting looking at you like your abit of a dildo and I would honestly probably do the same.

    But I am used to being looked at like a dildo on here so **** it lets go for it, now we are valuing long term here 1 years so are we talking 1.5km or 7km of strike? Big difference there, who knows will do both.

    So whats the prize if it all goes to plan 50% of this..

    How do we value a major company well they are valued on production and profits, now in my other long post I explained how I think these discoveries will have lower costs than majors around $300USD I estimated all in, majors average over $880 USD all in last year quite a jump, so assuming this is real we will atleast match them on potential profits, in reality we beat them to death, but anyway that box ticked.

    We have alook at the grade/reserves and how much market values economical reserves
    Key word there economical reserves some people message me thunder omg this is 4Moz deposit is amazing only $15mill Mcap..... but is it 4Moz that make $500 an ounce or 4Moz that loses you $500 an ounce, case in point BLK huge resource can't make a buck.

    So Majors are valued at $225 for every economical ounce in their reserves on average this isn't perfect as all ounces aren't created equal, but seeing as how our ounces will be most economical around it's a good base for us.

    So everything goes perfect prudys is real consistent drills out well, a realistic grade that is achievable from what we have seen so far 10g/t

    10 g/t x 1.5km is 6.5Moz x $225 an ounce thats $1,462,500,000 USD

    On the ultimate high side 10 g/t x 7km is 29Moz x 225 an ounce thats $6,525,000,000 USD

    Of coure there will be other big factors like production size and AISC these are just my initial targets before PFS/DFS come in simply based on economical reserves, once studies are in times those numbers by 2 or 3.

    Thats the overall prize and we have other land to lots to come in the years ahead this drilling in 11 days will be life changing if it's bad we all lose money, done that plenty of times before, but if it's good if it's good hold on shit is gonna get hectic real quick.
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