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    Restoration projects have continued through the years. In fact, another one had just begun this month, funded in large part by the Friends of Notre Dame of Paris foundation, of which Murray is a member. He said he and other members were "in grief" on Monday.
    "In the Middle Ages you would've believed that God sent the fire because God wanted a better cathedral. But you can't hope for a better cathedral at this point," he said.

    Reminds me of the below story John Cleese told on the 'Friday Night / Saturday Morning' program in 1979 -

    "I remember a gentleman coming and telling us how very difficult it had proved to get the Bible into Tibet.
    They'd had seven occasions. The first time, there were landslides.
    The second time, there were rains and the pages got stuck together.
    The third time, the mules fell off the mountain. The fourth time, there were thunderbolts.
    And the seventh time, he said, "God helped us and we got the Bibles into Tibet."
    The obvious conclusion was that he was trying like hell to stop them!"
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