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    G'day all,

    Eucla Basin Mineral Sands

    DOM's testing of the HM assemblage of the sands in the immediate Notrab area has revealed them to be rich in the relatively low value Ilmenite, in contrast to the Zircon-rich sands found further south by Iluka. These assays from DOM correlate closely with those obtained from PIRSA drilling apparently done during 1993 in the Barton area to the east & joining DOMs tenement. For comparative purposes we are restricted to using assays from DOMs first 6 holes over a 2km distance until more results are released.

    Relative analysis of the HM content is_


    Ilmenite 56% 60% 22%
    Zircon 17% 10% 55%
    Leucoxene 15% 14% -
    Rutile 3% 4% 7%

    As a further comparison, Iluka's zircon-rich Jacinth find just 50km to the south on the ancient Ooldea Range shoreline, is, according to reports, a younger coastal barrier than the Barton Range shoreline which hosts the DOM find and this seems to be the reason for the large variations in content as tabulated above.

    For the record, the Jacinth Resource estimate is 108mt @ 6% HM.

    Even though DOM seem to be looking at a suite of HMs dominated by the abundant Ilmenite, I suppose the presence of HMs at all on this tenement is some sort of a bonus and was not expected by me for one, so we shouldn't be too disappointed.

    Cheers ... WJ
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