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nothing like an email.

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    Well, all in all not a good day

    but not a good day for energy or petrol in general and by the time CTP comes into some form of future production(?) my bet is there will be a major change in the worlds current trend "the world is ending".

    so I brought a little today and will look out for more as funds become available.

    so anyway....I sent a quick email to JH, who I must say was brilliant. In my opinion his replies and timing have been hard to faulter. Further still I have had direct participation in a private board room and although I know they are all different, I found his cander to be very assuring.

    anyway I put some questions to him(never fear I advised him I may post his reply in a forum). I have posted some of this for your edification atleast the question/answer bit.

    I will leave it to you to read into the reason for both the questions posed and answers given.

    Can you please tell me the format for the BRR interviews? ie: do you o.k the questions put to you? do you suggest any? do you know what the questions will be before you commence the interview?
    There is usually a broad agreement about the subject matter to be covered.

    Has there been any change to the planned drilling program at this stage? It has been suspended at least until the end of the wet season, see photos attached.

    As I understand it, the Amadeus basin is a very old (crunched) basin, can you suggest to me what effect you believe this will have on the Mt Kitty area? particularly in regards HE?
    The complex geology brings rewards in generating more structures, Mt Kitty however is basically a basement structure which has not been affected by later movements, essentially a basement drape structure

    I have had the Amadeus basin described to me as being "not very porous", could someone comment about this assumption for me please.
    Porosity in the Amadeus basin can vary from good to very bad, but in those targets where porosity is predicted to be tight, there are often networked fractures which can flow very very well, one of the Palm Valley wells flowed on initial test up to 130 MMCFG per day, ie 130 million cubic ft per day.

    Will the current Hunt rig contracted by CTP be suitable for
    the logging of resource potential at the Mt Kitty site?
    It could do the job I believe but deliberations on which rig, when etc are still under discussion.

    In regard Blamore 1 and CBM93001 I understand that there
    was some discrepancy between the core results. Can you identify what aspects of the results were not replicated? Further, do the cores identify that rank and maceral type of the coals that have been discovered?
    At Blamore and CBM93001 the macerel types varied some with dominant inertinite, some with dominant vitrinite but many with a high percentage of exinite. Vr ranged through bituminous to sub-bituminous. Data is still being analysed.

    will you please confirm my vague calculations that CTP have
    currently $20m in cash and that the Hunt rig was costing approximately $100k per day during operation.
    A bit wide of the mark, spread rate for the whole drilling operation during drilling including consultants, service companies etc was in excess of $50,000/day but there were a lot of other costs including road building and repair etc.


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