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    Nice day today

    Good ann on my bargain %125(3)129(2)165(3)% still seems cheap ive been in this one for a while now what do u think of it im interested in your opinion?

    and there goes #19 ... bounce still needs some sideways i think thou but its sitting nice im not in there has been too many others to play.

    Order on %111(2),112(2)111(3)% now in its not on your list do u like it seems a few delays from a quick scan but the dragon made me do it.

    #150 doing o so well yet again

    Good advice on the %25(3),34(2),39(3)% that i hold i was wondering what i could use as a sell signal and i think past red volumes look to perfectly fit the bill so muchas gracious for that.

    oh,,,,IMO keep eye on #124,as they may soon pop if the next stage of the role-out comes good,as they are still in test mode... Looks good similar chart to #41 i havnt even got a list for this sector but will make one tomoro extremely hung over today got a bit excited drinking wine at dinner with some relatives followed by early morning karaoke with friends.

    Also in CnH2n+2

    #81 is on ur list do u still have hopes for it i mean it cant really go much lower unless it goes into negative is that possible?? jokes but you still eye it off???

    Also #123 is slowly gaining ground with their tech, #151 has been rising slowly, and all depends on their next anns to usage data,,#46 is getting close to oversold, and if the H2O world problems continue,,,ha ha,and if they get a bigger foot hold in land of Kung foo.. well,,,??? Watching all I need more eyes and more screens so many places to look

    Did you take a position in #87 a few months ago????,, No I found #87 on breakout day from its low base and hesitated it was when I was in the snow and wasn't much time to concentrate... what are u thinking?? looks like the pt is almost ..completey it also sites on some pretty nice lines i just crafted i think maybe another .04 down and then bounce off that 27-2-18 close but all IMO and roughly speaking

    ...have been nibbling back into #169 as they have boosted their test prep facilities,,,, Always nibble,, its softly soflty catchy monkey... only gulp if news is exceptional. Super cheap now hey pushed out of trend into sideways I have a spreadsheet now of fundamentals as it was definitely ones weaker points so working harder in that aspect these days so day by day I add tickers to the spread and eventually will have for all but of course will need constant updating but will serve as a rough guide so will add this when one gets time between scans trading watching scoping music choosing and lunch's there really isn't enough time in a day

    The new test website must be looking good in %165(2),181(2),179(3)%,as there was an up
    in sub holder,,,personaly not interested,but just happened to notice it,as only have one life left,
    so will not be risking that one yet.
    I wouldn't touch it either but a decent amount put in today for what it is
    Did you see the increase in holding in,#170 today, thats a lot of clams held now,so there is
    definite confidence there,? I didnt notice it no will go look now

    Apart from that a pretty dull day,,adn one is not getting nuff zzzzz's and the cody block is so
    wot of uak that dont know if am mrthur or aarter lol

    OK off to cook a pasta for a rewarding lady friend.
    best of luck as always new fred is nice and re-fredshaning.
    Regards R4isBor

    P.s friend has come to me and knows of someone who is in with someone who knows of someone who... cant say,,,,told me today to buy %88(2)31(2)39(3)% now I take recommendations from people who know people with a grain of salt because every mum and dad has a tip thats going to explode and when people start calling $1 on something so cheap u have to wonder about the tips credibility but its worth keeping an eye and looks good on chart he got in today at closing price recons @ will be out in a month or so just to give the heads up but time will tell

    this one was from a new small resturaunt last week

    look at all dem flavours

    this fred gets a few views shorerly we dont check it that many times hotcopper can u please add normal emojis it the text boxes so i can use all 722 in my replys muchly appreciated and congrates on todays volume
    and last but not least you all know this one its everyones favourite or un favourite Li

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