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    #56 and #164
    are like a pair of dancers,
    and the dance they are playing could be applauded. #56 sitting on fib sideways i was in this one early before last rise sold out before massive explosion was far less educated then and didnt time it right but its all a good learning curve yes wouldnt mind some of the honey myself im missing my little bottle of 164 oil far less available in the mother land may need to get some delivered i think

    Those rares you like @ris4rob,,, how do you feel about the upcoming
    dilution of a further 325M units,,that would bring them close
    a 1B units,...... ???? fair to even price though,,,atm if they can get to decent JORC. yer not nice will see how it plays lesson learnt poor entry will not happen again sometimes mistakes need to be paid for and have set a stop at all time low
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