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not to good news for tamiflu

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    In Japan, the Health Ministry has warned that Tamiflu _ one of the few antiviral drugs believed to be effective against bird flu _ can induce strange behavior, following the deaths of two teenagers who took the medicine.

    A 17-year-old high school student from jumped in front of a truck in February 2004 shortly after taking the medicine, the Mainichi newspaper and Kyodo News agency reported. Another student is believed to have fallen from the ninth floor of his apartment building this February.

    The drug's Japanese distributor, Chugai Pharmaceutical, issued a report to the Health Ministry after the first incident saying a link between taking the drug and the odd behavior that led to the death cannot be ruled out, the Mainichi said.

    Tamiflu carries a label in Japan warning of such side effects as "abnormal behavior" and "hallucinations."
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