not so smart solicitor

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    Rumour goes that a big time Sydney Solicitor puchased a box of the finest Cuban cigars and insured them for $25,000.
    He then commenced to smoke them, one by one.
    When they were all gone, he lodged a claim with the Insurance company, claiming that the cigars had been destroyed by "fire". He claimed that the policy under "fire" was broadly worded, and included small fires, such as is required to light and smoke them.
    On looking at the policy, the Insurance company settled the claim, realising an expensive court room battle that would only bring "fame" to the Solicitor.
    However, when the Solicitor banked the claim cheque, the Insurance company had him arrested for Arson, in that he had set fire to his assets (the cigars) in order to profit.!!

    I can only hope this is true!
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