((((( not one for traders )))))

  1. 349 Posts.
    average liquidity
    so for investors only
    mineral tenements: 0
    technology patents: 0
    biotech investments: 0
    just a boring old economy business
    and never before mentioned here
    profitable for last 10 years straight
    big dividend paid every year since listing
    however trading at lowest levels in 10 years
    revenue up 212% since 2001, 75% since the 2002 final
    growing faster than SDI, better value than my CWP at 45c
    with a P/E ratio of 3.01, and share price of 0.34x tangible assets
    have a name? yes but you’ll have to work on that yourselves. i’m still buying.
    as are the directors; grabbing half a million dollars worth this year alone. buyout?
    hope not cos this should be a value/growth stock bonanza. any similar ones around?
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