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not long ago we were only musing

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    about POPt 2000 and POPd 500 and POAu 1000

    Well guess what.

    Coupla years ago I shouldave written a book entitled the "GORM Matrix" from "Oly's E-Bar" in Lijiang. Some called me extremist. But no egomania here bros. Just an attempt to get the macros right to enable the right decisions to be made amongst the ever-increasing minefields.

    Ark theory was / is an integral part of the GORM. But whereas the Jungle King (temporarily) has fallen foul of Murphy's Universal Laws and their wreaking of havoc with weak mortal minds, the Ice Queen itself has become the hedge of hedges against global financial system adversity.

    IMO the global financial world is spiralling into a black hole and there aint many things we can do about it except try and minimize risk with some inventive portfolio insurance.

    A typical insurance premium is usually about 2% of the sum (portfolio, total value?) insured. An Olympian policy might extend out to 10+% premium if in fact we seek the type which can actually appreciate in value even if the portfolio value doesnt fall cos its resources based.

    I am currently at 65% cash according to NORMAL bear market strategy waiting in ambush for the firesale resources bargains ahead .... but in this case, where do u SAFELY keep the cash meantime when the XBA itself is in danger of extinction ? I mean, sheesh, our banks are reportedly in better shape than their US counterparts , but have u seen the latest notional derivative possie of our XBA ? 12.9 TRILLION or 100 times the market cap base !!!! Yeah, "relatively" better. Pity we havent access to RMB bank deposits atm.

    So I figure if I have 10% insurance per IGV of 1.3 ounces appreciaing pms PER SHARE, if we do get a demolition derby of the financial system as we now know it, that 10% may actually outperform the remaining 90% (which aint really at risk atm IMO).

    Forget about mining anything bros. Package up the toy factory with Santa ribbons aplenty and lets find a buyer for a cool bill whilst cash is still worth something.

    Hopefully cash broadly remains king for the megabear C in progress and likely for next 2 years (IMO) ie CONTROL is maintained , so it can be deployed quickly enough in the firesale resources bargains, ahead of the paper burn phase which will probably follow ........ we aint seen nothing yet cos they are only playing at the fringes with M3 ........ the emerging black hole is gonna need some serious feeding ahead.

    Either that or everyone refuses to settle their debts and we end up with economo-fortress-blocs based on barter again until some new global reserve is created.

    The precious metals markets are only beginning to tell us just how rotten the global financial system really is and it aint likely to get any better this side of likely (IMO) peak in pms prices. Pgms have an added bonus of deteriorating supply concurrent with increasing demand based eco-friendly needs ......... wonderful stuff.

    Imagine 2000, 3000, 1000 for POAu, POPt and POPd ahead ... and wonder what PORh is gonna look like with increasing use of nano-technology. PGM aint sitting on a toy factory bros, its sitting on freakin King Solomon's mines !!!

    Surprised no-one's offered me a job yet haha.


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