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    Last quarterly activities report was Wed 27/4 so next Quarterly could be as early as Wednesday this week. Especially if TP is back in town and looking for something to do in the office.

    It may well be that many of the goodies (if indeed there are any!) will be lumped into this one significant report.. and sp may build up to it?! Hooray!

    This includes of course the famous Agua Boa bullseye which was drilled through around 11th May! Also the ASVD-21 hole which could open the door to a deeper deposit. And many other things.... including new deals.

    One impression that came across also on the Trindade North Iron Ore release was Avanco's very strong insistence on the $600k payment. In other words, whatever negotiatons are underway, that will not preclude the timely payment of this money. I regard that as a (polite) way of putting pressure on Vale.

    If a figure of something less that $40m is agreed, say $30m,then this $600k is not part of that sum if it has been paid and pocketed... end of argument.

    So there is possibly a $600k incentive for Vale to act promptly. They could notionally save themselves $600k... is the message I read into it at first pass.

    I hope as part of the deal (as I have mentioned before) is that some more excellent copper ground is ceded to AVB. It is a time for Avanco to draw up a wish list with an eye to the future, and some useful if small leverage over Vale. Go for it TP!

    .. or what would be nice is if the ground adjacent to the BIF on Rio Verde that SWC mentioned were procured some time... but then I have no idea who owns that ground.!

    In any case, AVB is not shortchanged if it gets less than $40m I believe!!

    It is after all a windfall. Better to have big cash today, than waiting years for little bits of it to come in.

    Should be an interesting week, especially if the wall above 10c is demolished. cheers and good luck, PP
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