Not going to script!

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    Very frustrating week.
    Stopped out of both OSH and WPL.
    Was about to buy AMPWPA at 8c but DIDNOT, was dragged away by work also missed LLC after promising myself to take a leveraged position at $10 on the up about a week ago.
    Lacking a bit of confidence , should listen to Steve Waugh and back myself more.
    Glad to see my spec's EPR and NWE doing OK.
    BSG was done in by going ex div and gold weakness last couple of days but am true believer and will continue to hold.
    Can't help but think major opportunity with WPL via major instalment play is looming but looking at chart gives me no confidence. Will wait and see.
    Will hope for further weakness in CRS and trade.
    Couple speccie's that tickle my fancy are CTO (are they fair dinkum) and will take a futher holding in MRC before too much longer, EIF might be subject of revisitation at these levels and time is ticking re MPO.

    Anyway beer and friends beckon.

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