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    Media Release
    February 19th 2008
    Big solar power for SA
    Solar Systems will build a $7.1 million power station consisting of 26 solar dishes at Coober Pedy.
    Australian Government Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts Peter Garrett has today announced funding support for a new Solar Systems project in South Australia. Speaking at the International Solar Cities Congress in Adelaide, Mr Garrett announced that the Australian Government is providing $3.55 million in funding to the Coober Pedy project under its Renewable Remote Power Generation Programme (RRPGP).
    South Australian Premier Mike Rann also announced that the South Australian Government is providing $635,000 in funding for the project.
    Solar Systems is a Melbourne-based company that builds and operates solar concentrator photovoltaic power stations. The company also manufactures solar power components and has a significant research and development program.
    This announcement will make Coober Pedy home to one of Australia’s largest solar power stations.
    Solar Systems will build 26 high performance solar dishes that will be purchased by enGen, the owner of the existing Coober Pedy diesel power station, and connected to the Coober Pedy electricity grid.
    Electricity generated from the solar dishes will offset the use of diesel in the town.
    Each solar dish is 14 metres in diameter and consists of a curved mirrored surface focussed on a photovoltaic receiver. The dish tracks the sun during the day and concentrates sunlight by 500 times
    onto the high efficiency receiver to generate power onto the electricity grid.
    Solar Systems, enGen and the District Council of Coober Pedy have collaborated to select a location north of town for the power station.
    Solar Systems’ Managing Director Dave Holland says,the $7.1 million investment in Coober Pedy solar power station will bring opportunities for local suppliers and will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1560 tonnes per annum.
    At Solar Systems we are working towards rolling out our technology for mainstream power supply.
    Our rollout plan will significantly expand these local and environmental benefits.
    The 910 kWDC power station at Coober Pedy will generate the equivalent electricity each year for the total annual requirements of about 300 average Australian households.

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