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    Posted by belmore
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    not enough for the soldiers but plenty for a party for the chimp!


    LOL, It sounds like the Chimp went to the "Saddam Hussein University of caring".

    Of course Bush JNR truanted the class that taught how to kill thousands of your own citizens with chemical weapons.

    He was probably off snorting Cocaine. lol.

    Irrespective of how dumb americans might or might not be I think Bush Jnr will never achieve the popularity Saddam had in Iraq.

    From memory the last popular Iraqi vote saw Saddam get in with over a 99% majority.

    The guy was so popular even many tens of thousands of dead people showed up at the polls to show their support.

    Of course the Iraqi vote led to the U.S invasion of Iraq & now we have the world problem that we have.

    I only wish more hotcopper posters, especially those with political influence such as Belmore & TOU4U could have done more to let the Iraqi people know Saddam was a "chimp".

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